Fighters! (We all are)

We are living very interesting times. Among other reasons, because this is the first time in years (perhaps decades) that the people, acting globally, are showing their opposition against the system and those that are steering it, mainly politicians and large corporations.

These protests are making clear that the system is not working as expected, nor as we were promised. Corruption, cuts in basic social services (which were earned after years and years of struggle), financial systems collapsing at the same time revolving doors between politics and the private sector, bonuses and golden parachutes are constantly giving us the feeling of general injustice… All this is pushing the people (the 99%) to take to the streets to challenge the current order.

Behind these movements and protests, there are individuals who believe in what they do and what they want… and in most cases, it is a better society.

These individuals, of all ages, backgrounds and professions, are sometimes almost anonymously doing their bit to change their surrounding environment, and of course it is taking time… but they are doing it bit by bit.

My intention with this photo project is to get in touch with some of these individuals, find out more about their motivations and actions and make them more visible, convey their message and help the rest of us to think… “Well, that makes sense… How could I do something to change what I don’t like about this society?”

Ideally, this will help to spread the word.

And will help you to empathise.

I really hope so.


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