Cambio de Planes / Change of Plans

The Origins

Some were told to study.

Let them , let them hone their skills. That way they would get a brilliant future.

They were told that this was the best, the most convenient. Others simply understood it on their own, as a natural way of seeing life and the future, a continuation with the immediate past: what they had seen their parents, siblings, or any close relative do: study, get a job, progress … And they studied. When they had finished studying they told some of them to study a little more, to improve, to specialize. Let them become brilliant, excellent. And when they couldn’t or didn’t want to study anymore, because of age, money or simply for dignity, they were told to learn English.

That this was the future, that without it they were going nowhere, that it was essential. And they thought that what better place to learn it than London. A modern, prosperous city, full of life and fun and full of opportunities. And some worked hard, and saved, or borrowed or borrowed to live this experience. And they arrived, and they suffered, and they looked for work, and they missed, and they looked for a flat, and they had fun, and almost all of them cried, and they almost always laughed, and they found a flat and they found a job, and they adapted and settled down, about.

And they worked as waiters, cooks, cleaners or shop assistants. And they didn’t care, because they knew they would have to, that it was a short break to gain momentum. But they are not shop assistants, cleaners, cooks or waiters. They are designers, journalists, teachers or architects. They are trained, educated young people, and some are even brilliant and excellent. And the luckiest even already know English. And although for almost everyone it is a unique experience, an adventure, a learning experience, and a pleasure, the situation tires many.

And they also feel frustrated, disillusioned and deceived. And sometimes they feel that they live in a strange duality, as if they had fallen through a hole in the system, as if something had broken in the effort-achievement chain. And each one, for sure, has his own story about him. This project was born from the need to tell those little stories. Of the need to express their frustration, happiness, tiredness, joy, illusion, disappointment, hope or sadness.

What they want to tell us, what they want to be, and what they have to do; what they are, at the moment, and what some, one day, will be.