Fighters! we all are.


We are living interesting times.

Among other reasons, because it is the first time in a long time that the People at a global level are showing their disagreement about how the System is evolving, showing their discontent to those who manage it, mainly politicians, and large corporations. These protests and actions try to make it clear that, as it is structured, the System does not work as it should. News about corruption, cuts in basic services, uncontrolled financial systems, revolving doors, bonuses for managers of failed companies… encourage (99%) to go out and protest what is not fair, to change the world of its own accord, without having to wait for someone to give the go-ahead.

These people, of different ages, social and work status, with different backgrounds are those Unpresentable People who go against the majority, they are the everyday heroes, who try to make this a better world.

The intention of this project is, on the one hand, to get in touch with these individuals, understand their motivations and give visibility to them and the cause for which they fight, and on the other to make the viewer reflect on the fact that any of us, regardless of our circumstances we can fight for what we believe in. With a bit of luck, this project will do its bit to make others aware that everyone, almost without exception, can do something to improve this world of ours.

I relly hope so.

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